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Daily Free Walking Tours of Rome

Quick Details

Morning Tour Per Person
Afternoon Tour Per Person
Infant Ages 0 - 5

Join our daily Rome walking tour

Discover Rome with our expert tour guides, all licensed and graduated in history of art or archeology.

This is a free tour, the booking cost allows you to secure a spot and to show commitment to our tour, while also covering our online service costs.

Morning Tour

The Morning Free Walking City Tour starts in Piazza di Spagna by the Spanish Steps and ends at Castel Sant’Angelo, overlooking Saint Peter’s Square and Saint Peter’s Dome in the Vatican State.

Our expert tour guides, all licensed and graduated in history of art or archeology, will show you how the places of the Roman Empire have been transformed over the centuries into Papal properties and became symbols of the Pope’s power.

During our free morning tour, you will have the opportunity to see some of the major tourist highlights in Rome. You can admire first of all the “Barcaccia” Fountain and then other memorable sites such as the Victory Column of Marcus Aurelius, Palazzo Chigi and the Temple of Hadrian, a time temple dedicated to the deified Emperor Hadrian and where the remains of the temple have been incorporated into a late Baroque building.

Major highlights

  • Spanish Square
  • The column of Marcus Aurelius
  • Temple of Hadrian
  • Pantheon
  • Piazza Navona
  • Castel Sant’Angelo with Vatican View

Afternoon City Tour

Our Afternoon Free City Tour starts in Piazza di Spagna by the Spanish Steps and ends at the Colosseum. Along the way, you will see the most beautiful monuments of ancient Rome surrounded by a modern context. Our tour guides will make you discover and follow with your eyes Rome’s transformation over the centuries.

During the afternoon free walking tour, you can admire first of all the famous and monumental Spanish Steps, one of the most fantastic masterpieces you can see in Rome.

In front of the Spanish Steps, you can see one of the marvelous fountains of the Eternal City fed by the Virgin Aqueduct. During this free tour, you will be walking through the historic city center of Rome and see the Ancient Roman Aqueduct built during the 1st Century BC and still working today, while discovering streets and squares with monuments and palaces built during different ages.

Major highlights:

  • Spanish Steps
  • Ancient Roman Aqueduct
  • Trevi Fountain
  • Roman Forum
  • Imperial Forums
  • Tour outside the Colosseum

Meeting point

Can’t miss it! The meeting point is just in front of the Pharmacy. Address: Piazza di Spagna, 30 To the right of the Spanish Steps. Look for the green cross of the Pharmacy. You can find your guide there! See on Google Maps

Note: *if you need to cancel the tour or move the reservation to another date or time, please send us an e-mail to, so we can free your spot for someone else and we can re-book for you so you don’t have to pay again.